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Founded in 2017 as SingularDTV, Breaker is the leading blockchain development and services company in the Media & Entertainment industry.  Breaker’s technology has already deployed smart contracts for hundreds of content owners around the world.

Our Mission

We aim empower content owners with blockchain powered tools that provide real-time data and accurate payment of royalties. We’ve been pioneering Smart Contracts for royalty and licensing disbursements since 2017 when we created the first Ethereum API and the first ever successful multi-smart contract system.

Our Vision

We remain steadfastly committed to empowering creators around the globe with new technology.

Our History

Ethereum Blockchain Launches

Ethereum is an open software platform based on blockchain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. Breaker's technology is built upon the Ethereum Blockchain. 

SingularDTV Founded

SingularDTV was founded in 2016 as a blockchain entertainment studio and rights/revenue/royalty management platform. SingularDTV's founding mission was to bring decentralization and tokenized ecosystems to the entertainment industry, employing blockchain's embedded, immutable and transparent accounting practices to restore trust and confidence between content owners and their partners. 

SNGLS Token Launch

The SNGLS tokenized ecosystem is launched. Almost three years ago, we performed our Token Generation Event (TGE) and laid out our massively ambitious goal of adapting blockchain for the entertainment industry.


Launch of Ethereum’s first multi-smart contract application, Tokit (Tokit.io), artists and creators around the world can now equip their projects with the power of tokens and tokenized ecosystems. Tokit, short for “tokenize it”, was the first of SingularDTV’s suite of decentralized applications to launch on the blockchain.

Breaker On Demand

The release of our film, television and music distribution portal, Breaker On Demand. Breaker On Demand introduces hundreds of entertainment enterprises and rights holders to Tokenomics and Smart Contracts via a TVOD platform that uses blockchain to automatically disperse royalties to rights holders whenever someone transacts on a piece of their content. 

Breaker Studios

Breaker accomplishes one of the foundational goals set by SingularDTV, to create a blockchain entertainment studio that uses smart contracts to manage that waterfall and economics of each project. By testing ambitious use cases of blockchain on projects we own, Breaker Studios acts as the laboratory for the technology that is used in our platform today. Beginning with the documentary, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, directed by Alex Winter, Breaker Studios has produced and supported acclaimed independent films from around the world. 

Breaker Enterprise

Leveraging the technology developed over the history of Breaker/SingularDTV, Breaker launches a B2B solution specifically targeting revenue management for the media entertainment industry. 


Client Logo

“Entertainment companies are looking for new ways to innovate, to stay ahead of the proverbial curve. A relative newcomer to the entertainment landscape, Breaker (formerly SingularDTV) is making a big splash using cutting-edge blockchain technology to transform production and distribution.”

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Harvard Business Review

"Combine this powerful new technology with an artistic community that values inclusion; integrity; transparency in deal making; respect of rights; privacy; security; and fair exchange of value, and you’ve got yourself a new ecosystem for motion pictures, video games, and other creative pursuits."

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Business Insider Creative Manager

"Through its apps, SingularDTV hopes to enrich and empower artists, and rewrite the rules of the music and broader creative industry."

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